About Me

Ed Rempel CFP has over 22 years of experience as a financial planner professional and 33 years as an accountant and has a passion for helping put his clients on the road to financial freedom.

Ed guides his clients to create real world, results oriented financial plans. He now operates Unconventional Wisdom, a website where he discusses different methods for achieving financial independence, while providing financial guidance on a fee-for-service basis. As the “Main Wise Guy” on the site, he details various successful financial strategies, such as Lifecycle Investing strategies and the Smith Manoeuvre.

Before launching Unconventional Wisdom, Ed worked as an accountant. He served as Controller for twelve years at Simmons Canada. He was also employed as an accountant for Winnipeg Building and Decorating, Settlers Saving & Mortgage Corporation, and Bank of Canada.

Ed’s goal is to protect his clients from “financial quackery” – sales pitches disguised as financial advice – and “placebo advice” – questionable advice intended to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

A prolific writer, Ed Rempel CFP is passionate about sharing his insights with his readership. Not a fan of conventional wisdom usually offered by the media and other financial planners, Ed is focused on sharing financial strategies that result in successful outcomes. He’s a frequent guest blogger for financial publications and websites including Million Dollar Journey, Investment Executive and Yahoo! Finance. Additionally, Ed has written articles for The Globe and Mail, The National Post, TheTaxLetter, Findependence HUB and will soon be writing for Canadian MoneySaver.  He has also been a speaker at the MoneyShow Toronto as seen here – https://edrempel.com/the-6-best-strategies-to-minimize-tax-on-your-retirement-income-video-of-moneyshow-talk/.

Ed has been awarded “Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog” by Expertido, the #1 financial blog in Canada and is the founding member of FPAC – Financial Planning Association of Canada. His blog has been awarded a Top 50 Personal Finance Blog by Feedspot.

Ed strives to author content that’s interesting, easy to understand, and accessible to a wide audience. In order to appeal to the largest possible pool of readers – even those who may have little to no knowledge about finance – he often infuses his writing with humor.

Ed also gives frequent interviews to various media outlets, as well as posts videos online offering financial planning advice.

A sports enthusiast, Ed is a fan of both the Toronto Argonauts and the Leafs. He loves to read and has filled nine bookshelves with his collection. He’s fascinated by physics, space, and enjoys learning new things. An accomplished tenor, he performs with a semi-pro quarter – “Tenor Delight” on YouTube, and he’s also had the honor of performing with the Grand Philharmonic Choir at Roy Thomson Hall.